New Accent Game: how good are you at spotting accents from around the world?

Reckon you can tell the difference between an Australian and a Briton, or are they just all the same to you?
Put yourself to the test in the first Language Trainers Accent Game!

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Language Training meets Law & Order...

...or how one New York journalist describes her classes with Language Trainers. The written proof that learning a language is fun! To find out how language learning goes beyond sticking your nose in a textbook,(...)

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Tongue Training: How to Perfect an

September 26 2016 (Language Trainers UK)

Without a doubt, the world is obsessed with health. We see fitness fads splattered all over the internet, promises of 6 packs in 6 days ... (Read More).

Coding, the Not-So-Romantic 'Foreign'...

September 26 2016 (Language Trainers USA)

'Coding' - The word everyone engulfed in technology says, but the word that people outside of that world can't seem to understand. Maybe ... (Read More).

Review: The Flash Academy App From Flash...

September 26 2016 (Language Trainers USA)

The new Flash Academy App is the quintessential incentive for discouraged monolingual travelers to stop making excuses and finally get down ... (Read More).

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