New Accent Game: how good are you at spotting accents from around the world?

Reckon you can tell the difference between an Australian and a Briton, or are they just all the same to you?
Put yourself to the test in the first Language Trainers Accent Game!

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Language Training meets Law & Order...

...or how one New York journalist describes her classes with Language Trainers. The written proof that learning a language is fun! To find out how language learning goes beyond sticking your nose in a textbook,(...)

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Why Technology Isn't ' And Never Will Be '...

March 03 2015 (Language Trainers Australia)

In our modern age, we seem to have become more and more reliant on technological support when it comes to most aspects of our lives ' even ... (Read More).

French Cognates: The False Friend/Good...

March 03 2015 (Language Trainers USA)

Sooner or later, every student in French faces a 'false friend experience'. A French word that is referred to as a false friend is the one ... (Read More).

#BlackLivesMatter: How Twitter Impacts...

February 27 2015 (Language Trainers Australia)

Language is constantly evolving, and in our closely connected world it is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. On average, 4,000 new ... (Read More).

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